Mesa Tactical Shotshell Carrier Installation & Review

In this video I review and install the Mesa Tactical Sureshell ShotShell Carrier for Remington 870. This product will also work for the Remington 110 and Remington 11-87. Also available is a version for the Mossberg 930 (see link below) as well.

Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell CarrierAfter doing extensive research on which side saddle would be best for use on my Remington 870, I settled on the Mesa Tactical version. Yes, this is a tad more expensive than other side saddles out there but I believe the benefits to this product more than make up for the price difference. This side saddle is made from aircraft aluminum (NOT plastic) and features fully enclosed slots for each shell. This is important because it adds strength and durability to the design. If the gun is dropped on the side saddle, the shell slots likely wont bend or chip. That can’t be said for the plastic or cheaper metal versions which have shell slots that are not fully enclosed. The best thing about this product, besides the durability, is the fact that NO GUNSMITHING is required to install this carrier. You can do it yourself, at home, with a few very basic tools.

One thing I have learned is that it is important to only put quality components on your firearm, after all, you may be relying on that shotgun to save your life some day.

Take your time with the installation and please view my entire installation video first, before attempting. As always make sure that your shotgun is empty and pointed in a safe direction when working on it (check it twice). After installation, do a function check to make sure that your gun operates as expected since this installation does involve removing the trigger group pins. If you have any doubt as to whether or not you did the installation correctly, please bring your gun to a licensed gunsmith to be checked.

Mesa Tactical Sureshell ShotShell Carrier for Remington 870/110/11-87:

Mesa Tactical Sureshell ShotShell Carrier for Mossberg 930:

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