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This is a video review of the Bighorn Classic Model 19ECX (formally known as the 19ECB and the sister safe to the UAB19ES) gun safe from It’s often on sale for $599 (regular price if $799). In my opinion, this safe is just about the best bang for your buck at this price range. Sure there are more secure safes out there with more features, but you’ll be paying significantly more. If this is your price range, take a serious look at this safe.

With a few simple modifications this safe will go from great to outstanding! In this video I will discuss how I added power outlets to the Bighorn Classic safe and how I changed the digital securam lock that came with it to a manual dial lock. I trust the old tumbler locks far more than I trust the digital push button locks. Especially in the case of an EMP.

If you are in need of the manual for this safe it can be found here: Bighorn Classic Safe Manual for Models 19ECX/19ECB/UAB19ES

UPDATE: The only trouble I ran into when replacing the digital lock with the mechanical lock (and I forgot to mention on the video) is that the relocker plate bolt holes wont line up exactly with the new mechanical lock. The relocker plate is bolted to the backside of the lock.  Just take a drill and drill out one new hole in the relocker plate and you will be good to go! It’s a quick fix.

Here’s the safe at…

The Sargent and Greenleaf 6730-100 lock that I used to replace the electronic lock:…

Very useful instructional video on how to install the mechanical dial lock:…


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  1. Check out the Bass Pro-shop Redhead 24 gun safe. Comes with the S&G lock. Is from all I can see the same safe as Bighorn but made in US. It is $679. If you add the Costco sale price and the cost of the S&G lock it comes out the same.

  2. Yeah these safes are a good deal, my buddy just got one last week. I don’t think he ever thought about swapping out the lock. Might be a good idea…. by the way this safe by no means holds 24 (as advertised) long guns…. more like 10 or 12.

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