The Importance of Prepping

Do you think prepping is a waste of time? Think again! From earthquakes, EMP’s, fires, hurricanes, financial collapse, to any other number of things that could happen… prepping is as important today as ever.

I made a new video on YouTube called The Importance of Prepping. In this video I discuss why it is so vital an important to put away at least a few items for just basic peace of mind because disasters do occur, and more often than you may think

I discuss how frequent severe disasters happen and how likely you are to be involved in one where basic services are unavailable to you at some point in your life. You don’t need to be a prepper, but quite honestly you’d be foolish to not have a few basic preperations on had for you and your immediate family’s survival.

Watch the The Importance of Prepping video on YouTube.

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    • Very true. Best way that I have found is to pack a good water filter of some kind to supplement the actual water you have stored in our Bug Out Bag. Of course, where you live should be taken into account also. If you are somewhere where streams and waterways are easy to find, you can probably get away with less water. If you live in the deserts of Arizona, you might want to pack more water and save the weight somewhere else. Good luck to you. Let me know if you need more help!

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