The True Danger of Earthquakes

There is a very real danger posed by earthquakes worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you live where earthquakes occur or not. They can cause tsunami’s or cut off supply lines for groceries and other vital necessities. Earthquakes have gotten more severe.

According to the USGS (The United States Geological Survey) we get about the same number of earthquakes every year. However, if you graph the number of 5.0 magnitude and higher, you will see a steep increase over the past few years. That means the earthquakes that cause the real damage, are occurring much more often.

This should be a real wake up call for anyone who thinks all these recent news reports about severe earthquakes striking are just coincidence. Be prepared for these even if you don’t think they can happen where you live. Store some basic food and water preparations to ensure you have the basics at all time.

If you do live where earthquakes are common, I can’t stress the importance of a bug out bag. If your hose collapses or catches fire after one of these monster quakes strike (fire is very common after a strong earthquake), you may need to grab one bag a run. Make sure you are prepared for this scenario!

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  1. I live in southern california and we are do for “the next big one” any day now. Ive got our family’s bug out bags prepped and ready to go. Now I am working on food and water storage for bugging in. Great video, thanks for the info. Just confirms to me why im prepping. Now if I can just get my wife on board! 🙂

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