Best Personal Defense Devices for Women

Best Personal Defense Devices for Women

Recently my daughter left for college. Before she left, she told me she wanted some form of personal protection to carry with her. Any lethal type device wasn’t an option, so I had to find some devices that would ensure her safety while she was away.

After some research, I found some unique personal protection devices that are great for a young woman such as my daughter. These simple devices can make the difference between being a victim or a victor of an attack.

The weapon of choice depends on the woman herself and what she would be comfortable handling in a high-stress situation.

11. Key Shaped Folding Knife

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This cute little dagger is perfect for concealed carrying and easily flips from a key hanging on a keychain link to a sharp knife ready to strike. This knife is multi-functional and useful in many situations in everyday life, such as using it for a boxcutter or as a survival tool in the woods. There’s a real peace of mind for me knowing my daughter always has a knife on her.

I love that it comes in flashy pink color and blends perfectly with the rest of her keys on her keychain. The blade is made of stainless steel, and the handle is constructed of aluminum.

10. Kubaton Keyring

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These little keyrings are pretty sweet looking. My daughter made me ordered one after seeing it! It is a multi-use tool when it comes to a self defense situation. You can hold it one of two ways to inflict damage. The Kubaton can also be used in various emergency situations, including breaking a car window, and as a very effective self-defense weapon for any woman.

These can be found in a ton of different colors and come equipped with a keyring link for adding it onto your keychain. It’s lightweight, clips on something you already carry around, and is multi-functional. So it is indeed a win/win with this one! The only downside I can see is that it may only inflict only slight damage to the attacker with a weak strike and according to reviews, it is a petite fit for hands.

9. Rechargeable Stun Batton with LED Flashlight

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Another multi-use tool that could come in handy in a self-defense situation: a flashlight that doubles as an electronic stun device! Seriously. When my daughter has to walk down a dark road at night, I definitely wouldn’t mind if she were using a flashlight that also had a stun function!

This one comes in a flashy pink color (it is available in other colors) and has been notched around the edges. This means it will stay in place and wont roll when set on the ground. When the stun function is activated, it will send an electrical current between the two prongs located above the flashlight and will create a loud static sound.

The sound and sight of the electrical charge alone should be enough to stop an attack, but if not, a quick touch from this little stunner sure will! It comes with a lifetime guarantee for any malfunctions or replacements.

8. Pepper Spray Bracelet

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In the times of technology that we live in, everywhere you go you see people with some silicon bracelet or smartwatch. With this nifty silicon band, you get a compact pepper spray canister concealed in a trendy fashion and can spray 3 to 6 bursts up to 3 feet away.

This nifty device would be super convenient for anyone jogging, shopping, traveling, or just for everyday life. Pepper spray to the face is a surefire way to stop an attacker in an instant. This little viper is easily used with the press of a button. It would be smart to have backup canisters just in case, with this design you get about six sprays out of 1 container.

7. Rhinestone Pepper Spray Keychain

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I know what you are thinking, but my daughter really liked the design. If a few rhinestones will convince her to carry this in her purse, then I’m a happy Dad! I love this one because it can be easily clipped to anything you already carry, such as keychains, bags, or backpacks.

The pepper spray comes in bursts up to 10 feet away and can be useful for not only humans but aggressive animals, like dogs, as well. The 1/2 ounce canister also contains a UV marking dye to assist in identifying the attacker at a later time. The spray has a simple locking mechanism to prevent spills or accidents.

6. Yoogo Self Defense Keyring

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There are so many options for keyring self-defense items, but this one seems effective in a multitude of ways. It is formed to fit comfortably in between your fingers and give you the ability to punch and jab without your hand taking the blunt force of the strike. It is also capable of being used in emergency situations, such as to break glass or ice.

The Yoogo is constructed of a non-toxic polymer and adhesive blend which makes it heavy-duty but not heavy-heavy. The metal ring itself can handle up to 105 pounds of pulling resistance. Without proper training or practice, this weapon could prove ineffective, but luckily there are plenty of YouTube videos available to take notes on!

5. Sting Ring – Electronic Stun Device

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With easy access to a defense weapon in an emergency situation, you will have a higher likelihood of escaping quickly and unharmed. With this Sting Ring, it simply attaches to your keyring and can be carried easily in your hand.

The ring wraps around your finger for secure gripping, and with a simple squeeze on the handheld box, it will activate the stun function. You can choose to swing the Sting Ring while holding your keys or vice versa. It runs on a Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable.

4. E.majoor Tactical Pen and Whistle

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So far, we have seen many different lightweights and easily concealed items that attach to your keychain. With this one however, it can be easily kept in a book bag or clipped to your pocket.

This combo kit features a tactical pen, three refill ink cartridges, and an aluminum whistle. The pen is capable of smoothly writing and also features a steel tip for use in emergencies, such as jabbing or breaking glass. The general public won’t realize you have a weapon due to the fact it looks like a regular ballpoint pen.

3. BlingSting Panic Alarm Keychain

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Another “adorable” (per my daughter) and effective BlingSting product. This little gem is easily clipped to your keyring or purse and with the quick press of the button will send a loud ringing into the air, and a flashing light will begin to pulse.

The sound will alert someone to your emergency, and the flashing LED light can attract the eyes of others. This is useful for children and adults in all situations. Since it is so lightweight, it can be carried without very much effort. According to reviews on Amazon, there are a few drawbacks however. Such as some reviewers stating they’d prefer a louder siren sound.

2. Pepper Spray Gel Kit with Practice Gel

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This pepper spray combo comes with everything you need to go from a beginner to an expert sprayer. The kit comes with a practice gel and targets that can be used to get acquainted with your new pepper sprayer. This is very important to get comfortable with using the spray in high-stress situations.

This pepper spray is also equipped with a UV marking dye for later assistance in identifying the suspected attacker. In a small canister, this sprayer packs 25 bursts that are capable of reaching up to 12 feet, keeping you further away from danger. With the gel formula, there is less of a blowback effect during spray, ensuring it only disables the attacker.

The Absolute Best Personal Defense Device for Women Is…

1. The Taser Pulse

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This little device takes the absolute top spot of all the various tools I reviewed. I ended up buying two of these, one for my daughter and one for my wife. This is a civilian version of a law enforcement taser. These little beauties are very advanced devices that shoot out two barbs up to 15 feet. They then deliver a 30 second long electrical current to the attacker’s body.

This electrical current is delivered in such a precise way by the onboard computer that it completely incapacitates the attacker. It does this by temporarily overriding control of their neuro-muscular system. This is called Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (or “NMI”).

This device will deliver a 30-second long incapacitating pulse. Plenty of time to toss the device down and run a safe distance away. After 30 seconds on this device, no one is going to want to continue a fight.

Knowing that my daughter has a police-grade Taser device with her definitely gives me peace of mind. This is the top of the line when it comes to personal defense.

Basic Self-Defense Techniques

Knowing some very basic self-defense techniques is incredibly important for women. This doesn’t mean you need to study these moves for years, you just need to understand one or two basic concepts. Knowing these basic concepts will make you a much more formidable opponent. This video does an excellent job of demonstrating some of these basic techniques


All in all, women must always be prepared for the unexpected.

Women can be very powerful and formidable opponents for any attacker. With the correct precautionary measures, they can put just about anything or anyone on the ground. You don’t have to be a heavy hitter or martial arts master to stop an attack. You just need to have the willpower to put that person on their rear end.

If you don’t have the willpower, an excellent old stunner to the chest or a jab to the throat with a stun ring will assist in getting you home safely. Whether you feel more comfortable with a stun device or with something lightweight like a keychain alarm, having a little personal backup is never a bad idea.

Ladies, what is your favorite go-to defense item? Share that with us in the comments section, and help fellow Prepper ladies out!

John Walter

John Walter is an emergency preparedness consultant with eight years of experience and training in related fields. He is a passionate prepper living in the Sacramento area of California.

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